Noah Hess


Noah was born and raised in southern NJ. At 19, he joined the US Navy and spent four years as a MK41 Vertical Missile Launcher Technician and small-arms weapon specialist. He toured on two 8-month deployments in the Arabian Gulf on anti-piracy/anti-smuggling/counter-terrorism operations and assisted in the retrieval of pirated Ukrainian ship MV Faina.

Noah then trained for massage therapy at Hawaii Healing Arts College, completing the 600 hour curriculum and 150 hours of hands-on massage as an intern. At this school he learned the classic, relaxing Swedish massage as well as several results-oriented techniques to relieve pain and facilitate muscular movement.

He received his license on June 7th, 2013. He believes in a natural, body-centered existence where humans treat themselves with reverence. Eating whole, unprocessed foods keeps our internals healthy end-to-end. Being cognizant and maintaining a calm state of mind keeps us sane when the world around us gets crazy. A healing, human touch relaxes our body, eases muscular pain, and has innumerable physiological benefits. And that the human body has amazing propensity to heal itself. Massage therapy can nudge it in the right direction, teaching it to take advantage of this ability and negate the need for chemical intervention and unnecessary surgery.

“I put emphasis on the 'therapy' part of massage therapy. I am not a masseur; I am a physical therapist who uses massage as a tool to help the body to heal.”